Recent Changes

Up-to-date details on recent changes made to the back office portal.
Android App changelog is available from the Posandro home screen, recent changes.
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13/03/2019 00:00 GMT

  • New Fixed sales and inventory report to reflect opening/closing times

03/03/2019 00:00 GMT

  • New Added discountable categories option
  • New End of day gross tax columns formatting

10/12/2019 00:00 GMT

  • New Changed validation to support non latin characters
  • New Enhanced performance when getting BI targets
  • New Fixed formatting of duration for clock in/out report
  • New Added template header for importing items

03/07/2019 00:00 GMT

  • New Privacy and terms pages update
  • New New pricing plan

12/05/2018 20:00 GMT

  • New Added new sync access privilges for employees
  • New Updated validation on receipt header/footer
  • New Upload your own receipt logo

31/12/2017 00:00 GMT

  • New Added import/export modifiers
  • New Added new branding logo

29/11/2017 00:00 GMT

  • New Diddly squat

28/10/2017 00:00 GMT

  • New Added tips to the end of day, sales and employee reports
  • New Added default date values for employee report

29/09/2017 00:00 GMT

  • New Added hardware store with bundles and products ready to ship
  • New Fixed reporting categories not rendering when creating new item
  • New Bug fixes and minor enhancements

30/08/2017 00:00 GMT

  • New Migrated Posandro backend to Dancer2
  • New Bug fixes and minor enhancements

30/07/2017 00:00 GMT

  • New Added customer name when emailing sales receipt
  • New Added outlet filter to the sales report
  • New Added back de-activate push notification
  • New Mirgrated GCM to FCM
  • New Added priority for push messages
  • New Added HTTPS support

26/05/2017 00:00 GMT

  • New New look, feel to the Posandro front end website
  • New SumUp integration (
  • New Added sell price option when doing supplier order as the price may be subject to change
  • New Added receipt logo to the email receipt

23/03/2017 00:30 GMT

  • New Added non taxable filter to the inventory report

19/02/2017 21:00 GMT

  • New Added charged and non-charged filter to the modifiers report
  • New Added years dropdown to the yearly sales trend chart
  • New Import/export ability for customer records

04/02/2017 17:30 GMT

  • New Added sub categories

01/10/2016 09:00 GMT

  • New Added employee filter to the Inventory report

24/08/2016 10:00 GMT

  • New Composite items are now tracked in real time via App (just like standard items). Please update your App to the latest version - V1.8.0 to benefit from all the latest changes

08/08/2016 13:30 GMT

  • New Yearly sales trend chart on dashboard now moved to Reports->Yearly Sales Trend

03/08/2016 00:00 GMT

  • New Linked customer with an order

25/04/2016 00:00 GMT

  • New Category position re-design. Change the order of categories when adding/modifying categories

23/03/2016 14:00 GMT

  • New Fixed modifiers report to support multi selected forced modifiers

06/03/2016 00:00 GMT

  • New Added gross margin/profit to the executive dashboard, end of day and inventory reports

20/02/2016 14:00 GMT

  • New Added totals to the end of sales report
  • New Using users timezone to work out correct last transaction date/time for devices
  • Fix Remember selected dates after deleting orders from sales report

26/11/2015 00:30 GMT

  • New Works out end of data according to your opening and closing time (if set). Remember, only set those in Settings if your closing time elapses into the next day.

17/11/2015 22:05 GMT

  • New Added Miscellaneous checkbox to the Inventory report to get miscellaneous items sold

29/10/2015 23:30 GMT

  • New Added people column to the end of day report

10/10/2015 22:20 GMT

  • New Forced modifiers (create group with modifiers as normal via back office, go to individual items and assign the modifier group, do manual sync, press item to add to order - list of mods should appear)

30/09/2015 17:13 GMT

  • New Added modifiers report
  • New Ability export ability after placing supplier order (Stock history supplier order receive page)

16/08/2015 01:15 GMT

  • New Ability to edit clock in/out times

17/06/2015 00:10 GMT

  • New Push notifications. See Settings->Push notifications page (App Version 1.6.8 or above required)
  • New Ability to sell composite items as standard items. Simply, tick the composite checkbox and then tick the Sell-able checkbox on item page. Don't forget to do a manual sync on device for changes to take effects (App Version 1.6.8 or above required)
  • New Executive dashboard filter chart results by outlet (if more than one). Yearly sales trend now shows current years of data to improve speed and database efficiency

02/04/2015 03:45 GMT

  • New Added card type filter to sales report

10/03/2015 00:45 GMT

  • New Added back office change log
  • Fix Removed deleted checkbox from sales report. (No trace of deleted orders any more)
  • New Added ability to import composite items (type = 1). See Items page fields explanation

04/03/2015 23:40 GMT

  • New Added Composite Items documentation link on Items page
  • Fix Fixed End of day more than 1 month selected data issue. Results was collating DAY of all months into one
  • Fix Weekly sales chart time zone


  • New Tons of new stuff...